Welcome to the Canadian Association of Professional Investigators

President’s Message

I am fortunate to represent The Canadian Association of Professional Investigators (CAPI). Our association was formed in 2010 as the official national voice for all recognized provincial private investigative associations. Our leadership team is by appointment, selected by each province to best represent their interests, collaboratively on provincial and federal matters that impact investigators across our country.

Currently we are reviewing steps to reach out further to support our provincial members who comprise of some of the most amazing and professional talent this world has to offer and who join the elite of true private investigators from around the world. I encourage you to visit each site for your investigative needs. Our leadership team can certainly guide you to find the right fit for the investigation you are handling if needed.

For new viewers of this site, and those who are new to the industry and/or considering employment within it, I can share the investigation industry and its many various branches is remarkable. It is a rapidly changing industry and if not engaged in associations and development, many will be left behind and become irrelevant.

As well, our field has a global presence and there are wonderful investigative leaders throughout the world. I urge you to become engaged with local, national and global associations where there is incredible networking and training. The many in the industry that have found success have followed this path.

Thank you for visiting our site. For your investigative and training requirements across Canada, we are pleased to provide you with links to the provincial associations who can best assist you on matters of local concern, events and even employment opportunities.

Warmest wishes for a safe and wonderful 2017,

Martin O. Jaekel, CFE, CII