Welcome to the Canadian Association of Professional Investigators (CAPI).

Our Mission Statement

To represent the interests of our members of CAPI regarding issues affecting the private Investigation industry that cross Provincial or Territorial jurisdictions or are of a national or federal jurisdiction

To disseminate information relating to the ethical practice of the Private Investigation profession

To support the efforts of its members to provide professional development opportunities

To encourage the growth and sustainability of its members


British Columbia


The PIABC is a professional association focused on training our members and our overall industry. Each year in October, our association holds an annual Conference and AGM designed to further the professionalism of our diverse industry and enhancement of our clients’ experience.

We have been working with the Private Security Knowledge Network on an update to our Introduction to Private Investigation course that should be ready by December 2019. Content will reflect current standards and practices within a new easy to use interface. Additionally, we are working on providing additional investigative-related courses for those looking to add to their skillset.

Our association is also working with our provincial registrar toward providing additional government-recognized educational opportunities for all BC licensed investigators with the goal of continually moving toward raising the professional standards of our industry.

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Greg Tweed




The Alberta Association of Private Investigators (AAPI) represents professional investigators, intelligence analysts and security subject matter experts, across the Prairies and North West Territories. Our members consist of the finest specialists in the industry, bound by our strict code of ethics and abiding by our professional oversight, discipline and governance.

The AAPI was incorporated in 1996, as a non-profit Association, dedicated to representing our members and promoting the professional investigation industry. The executive interacts with Government and legislators on a National and Provincial level, particularly the Justice and Solicitor General departments, which regulate and license all our members. A founding member of the Canadian Association of Professional Investigators (CAPI) and affiliated with the premier associations worldwide, our members have national and international experience and expertise to assist our clients, within the Government, Corporate, Insurance and Legal industries.

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Tim Houghton




As with many other organisations, the CPIO has had to adjust to remain relevant in this pandemic dominated time of lockdowns, social distancing, and economic uncertainty. We believe we have accomplished this in part by introducing a series of webinars, free to our membership, to educate, refresh and broaden the horizons of the professional investigators in Ontario. Our F.I.T. conference scheduled for April 2020 had to be cancelled, although we are currently planning a virtual F.I.T. conference for April 2021 following the success of our virtual Professional Development Day in November 2020. We are continuing our attempts to increase membership, forge relationships with affiliated industry organisations (nationally and internationally) and enhance our visibility in the marketplace. We have also rebranded our logo to a new and exciting modern look. None of this would be possible without the energy and commitment of the CPIO Board of Directors to whom I feel an enormous debt of gratitude.
James Meadway




APEPQ is a representative association of private security in Quebec, particularly in the area of investigation, and recognized by the Government of Quebec (Quebec Ministry of Public Security)

We represent all agencies and investigators duly licensed by the Bureau de la Sécurité Privée of Quebec.

Our mission is to see to the interests of our members with respect to the laws and regulations that could affect the profession. In addition, we assure that company leaders and their private investigators act ethically and in accordance with the Security of Information Act currently in place.

In the event of infringement of the previous policies, it is possible for the public to file a complaint and it will be reviewed by the APEPQ’s ethics committee.

Claude M. Vigneault


Atlantic Canada


The CPI-AC is a professional association focused on serving our Maritime clientele with dedicated agencies to serve the many needs found in our region that spans over four Provinces. Each year in May, our association holds an annual Conference and AGM designed to further the professionalism of our industry.

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Floyd Meunier

Global Membership :

The Canadian Association of Professional Investigators endorses these global memberships and resources.

Intellinet : https://www.intellinet-canada.com

ASIS : https://www.asisonline.org/

Council of International Investigators : https://www.cii2.org/

World Detectives Association : https://www.wad.net/


Our President’s Message.

For new viewers of this site, and those who are new to the industry and/or considering employment within it, I can share that the investigation industry and its various branches is remarkable. It is a rapidly changing industry and if not engaged in associations and development, many will be left behind and become irrelevant.

As well, our field has a global presence and there are wonderful investigative leaders throughout the world. I urge you to become engaged with local, national and global associations where there is incredible networking and training. The many successful leaders in the industry have followed this path.

Thank you for visiting our site. For your investigative and training requirements across Canada, we are pleased to provide you with links to the provincial associations who can best assist you on matters of local concern, events and even employment opportunities.

Rhonda Hines